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Working as a makeup artist since 1997 and having had a full-time modelling career from 1998-2012, my interest in optimising health led me to become a qualified Nutritional Therapist in 2015.  At the start of my studies in 2012, I became intensely aware of the need to treat the outside of our bodies the same way we strive to treat the inside, thus my switch to natural and organic beauty began. I have now used exclusively natural and organic skincare and makeup since 2012, both professionally and personally. My extensive experience in using conscious products & brands, working with different skin types & ages and product textures & colours, gives me the edge in recommending and consulting with individuals and companies alike.  My keen love for biology and chemistry gives me a deeper understanding of the health impacts and ingredient profiles of products. Subsequently, my clients are the who's who in health and wellness and sustainable fashion. I am also a regular beauty writer and contributor to Eco Age and other wellness publications. 


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My expertise as a nutritional therapist, along with my holistic and sustainable approach to beauty, has led me to work with clients that are specifically looking for an artist that uses natural and organic products whilst considering the environment. My work ranges from one-on-one consultations with private clients who wish to change their beauty regimes to more conscious offerings, to working with public professionals who simply want to enhance their natural identity and still feel like themselves - I'm known as the makeup artist for those who don't wear make up. Commercially I work with anyone of course, though most of my clients are focused on sustainable fashion and living. 

My clients include:  Ella Mills aka Deliciously Ella,  Jasmine Hemsley,  Amelia Freer,  Lizzie King aka Lizzie Loves,  Melissa Hemsley,  Dr Gemma Newman aka The Plant Power Doctor and more. 

Commercial clients : Neal's Yard Remedies, Saint Iris Adriatica,  Reve en Vert, Riley Studio, Renue the Label,  Herd Wear, ​Fat Face,  Löfte, Goldie London,  Lowie,  Frieda Sand and more. 


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